XML Feeds

This website serves as a vehicle to facilitate the distribution of Pafilias’ extensive Property Portfolio in the from of XML feeds for properties located in Cyprus and Greece.

An XML feed is an electronic document that holds all available property data, including pricing and availability. Its meant to be read by a program to update a clients’ database so he can display our properties on his own site in his/her own format/house style . This can be done using serval formats and to keep track of all of them is not feasible, which is why we have decided to make the feed available in 6 different formats, using an external translation service, and we will add more to this as we go along.

We have a public area where you can download a list of a available properties in the form of XML listings in various formats.

In order to help those that cannot consume a feed at all and want to stay anonymous, but still up to date we added the facility for a mini-site, a.k.a. property listing in a human readable form as a subsection of each feed.

Currently we have the following feeds available:

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